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Our Monday Classes

We now run 3 classes on Mondays for various different ages...

Acting with Scripts
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Acting with Scripts 
2 different classes dependant on ages

These classes include drama exercises to explore character development, physicality, vocal projection, vocal tone and accents, as well as improving 

articulation and expanding vocabulary.


Through working on scripts the students learn to understand the drama and comedy in storytelling. Learning to skilfully sight read improves their ability to read in front of peers without fear, as well as deepening  their understanding of text.

In our younger Acting class we work on scripts from Musical theatre shows and with our older class we work on popular T.V show scripts such as 'Stranger Things' and Modern Family' to name a few.


The children experience good theatre practice and how to work as an ensemble. It is important to understand that creating great drama takes a company not an individual. We also adapt scripts and write our own to accommodate the varying capabilities of our students. 


The focus on this class is to experiment in all ways possible. There are no boundaries to creativity.

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre

In this class we start with the basics: teaching children how their bodies influence the sound they produce, which in turn enhances projection and quality of their voices. We also practice breathing techniques and articulation when singing. This helps us teach the children the importance of understanding how a song is communicated through expression.

We encourage the children to expand their knowledge of musical theatre as we explore music from a variety of shows. We think it's important to educate them on a range of genres and styles. We like to choose music from shows that are appropriate to their ability, encouraging them to develop at their own pace and have an understanding of how music and choreography fit together in this creative process.

This is now such a popular class as we also mix the age groups allowing the children to work with all abilities.

Singing should always be fun and enjoyable, so having fun in this class is our top priority.

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