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JK Performing Arts

At JK Performing Arts we want to provide children with an opportunity to gain confidence through drama and music. There are many performing arts classes around the country that cater for children who want to professionally audition for TV and Stage; and whilst we can develop young performers to this level, our primary focus is the personal development of kids through dramatic performance. We want the children to go on a fun filled journey of self discovery. 


Our whole team are trained performers and have worked in different areas of the arts: ranging from TV, musical theatre and community projects so together we provide a unique learning experience for the children. One of the very first steps we take with every child is to get to know them as individuals so that we can encourage their development at a pace best suited for them, whilst being mindful of their capabilities and comfort levels . We bring energy, warmth and inspiration when teaching our students as it's extremely important to us that while children grow, they do so at their own pace and without fear. 

Above all...we want them to have fun and share their creativity through expressing themselves.

Our Children

We are very proud of all the children at

JK Performing Arts.

JK Performing Arts | Blackheath | London
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